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Bernard Henri-Lévy targeted by Iranian regime’s assassination attempt

Bernard Henri-Lévy targeted by Iranian regime's assassination attempt

According to the Washington Post, the philosopher and writer Bernard Henri-Lévy was the target of an assassination plot orchestrated by the conservative government in Tehran.

If Bernard Henri-Lévy had confided in Le Figaro that "only death will stop me", the French intellectual might well have been close to it more quickly than expected and without even realising it. According to the Washington Post, Bernard Henri-Lévy was in the sights of the special operations forces of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard, the Al-Quds forces. This elite unit is a clandestine service of the Iranian totalitarian regime's ideological army. According to the investigation published by the American newspaper, the Iranian authorities have considerably increased the number of assassination or kidnapping projects targeting "hostile" Western personalities according to the Tehran regime. 

Former senior US officials, Iranian political refugees, Jewish citizens, dissidents and journalists are reportedly the targets of deadly threats. According to the Washington Post, which consulted "government documents" and interviewed "some fifteen American, European and Middle Eastern intelligence officials", Tehran is implementing a project to systematically suppress the opposition, whoever they are and wherever they are.

A $150,000 price on BHL's head

Among the notable figures in these attempts at silencing appeared former White House adviser John Bolton and Bernard Henri-Lévy. The elite unit of the Mullah regime reportedly approached an Iranian drug dealer in Paris to order the murder of BHL. In exchange for the head of the Jewish intellectual, the criminal and his accomplices were to receive the modest sum of 150,000 dollars. If he is now the target of Tehran, it is surely because the French philosopher and writer has never hidden his hostility to the government of Ebrahim Raisi. BHL had openly criticised his policy of bloody repression, pointing the finger at his religious extremism. In the columns of Le Point, the intellectual called for an "emancipatory uprising" in the streets of the country, which is hosting an unprecedented revolt since the murder of Masha Amini by the Iranian police.

The Washington Post does not specify when these assassination attempts would have taken place, but it recalls that operations targeting regime challengers abroad, whether Iranian or not, "have multiplied dramatically over the past two years". Between 2015 and 2017, Tehran reportedly killed at least three dissidents in Western Europe, including an Iranian activist shot dead outside his home in The Hague, the Netherlands. In 2018, an Iranian diplomat posted in Vienna was arrested and accused of enlisting an Iranian couple living in Belgium to plant a bomb at a large rally in Paris of the Mujahideen-e Khalq, or MEK, an exiled opposition group that Iran calls a terrorist organisation.

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