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Ashton Kutcher says he didn’t like Demi Moore’s autobiography at all!

Ashton Kutcher says he didn't like Demi Moore's autobiography at all!

In her book, the actress described in detail the crumbling of their relationship. The media hype that followed the book's publication sent the That 70s show star into a tailspin. 

In a recent interview with Esquire magazine, Ashton Kutcher said that he was "absolutely devastated" by the comments made by Demi Moore, his very famous ex-wife, in her autobiography Memoirs – The Other Side of a Life, published in 2020 in France. In her book, the Ghost star accuses him of pressuring her into a threesome and cheating on her. She also claims she fell back into alcohol during their marriage, adding that Kutcher allegedly told her, "Your drinking, in my opinion, is a myth."

"I was downright drunk," Kutcher tells the magazine, just days before the release of his new Netflix romantic comedy, You in My House and Vice Versa, in which he stars alongside Reese Witherspoon. "We'd finally gotten to a point where the press was starting to let go of me and Mila Kunis, my life, my family. And then overnight, [the paparazzi] are lining up outside my kids' school." He adds, "I don't particularly want to go into it."

A discreet family life

The actor has long been reluctant to talk about his divorce and Demi Moore's autobiography. When the book first hit the headlines, he tweeted, "I was about to drop a venomous tweet. But then I saw my son, daughter and wife and deleted it."

For a long time now, the actor has been jealously guarding his private life, and in particular his family life with Mila Kunis. Esquire points out that they are rarely seen together on red carpets, or that they never post photos of their two children. A silence on his intimacy that is probably easier to maintain during the long break he has just taken; his last film dates back nine years, except for Vengeance, which was released last year (a period during which he had to fight a terrible autoimmune disease, while leading a successful career in finance). It is therefore understandable that what he said is less important to him than the media outpouring it generated. 

"I learned to be a stepfather to three teenagers when I was in my twenties

This is the first time he has openly discussed his past with Demi Moore, including the fact that he had to take care of the actress' three daughters, Tallulah, Rumer and Scout. "I was 26 years old," he says, "and I was responsible for eight, ten and twelve year old girls. I learned to be a stepfather to three teenagers when I was in my 20s".

Asked about Demi Moore's miscarriage and IVF treatment, also mentioned in her book, he says: "I love children. I wouldn't have married a woman who already had three children if I didn't love them. I would have loved to have another child, it would have been amazing."

On their 2011 split, Ashton Kutcher says: "Nothing makes you feel like a failure like divorce. Divorce is a fucking failure all right. You still screwed up your marriage, what." Although he describes it as "humiliating and embarrassing", he insists he had no choice but to accept reality: "You take your shit and your mistakes and move on." 

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