A$AP Rocky arrested in Los Angeles

The rapper, Rihanna‘s boyfriend, was arrested in Los Angeles in connection with a shooting that allegedly involved him in November 2021.

A$AP Rocky: the rapper, the future father of Rihanna’s unborn child, was arrested and held in a Los Angeles prison in connection with a shooting that allegedly involved him in November 2021. A $ AP Rocky was released a few hours later. surrounded by police officers and their legal representatives. He wore an oversized polo shirt and shorts with a pair of sneakers, as he was met by law enforcement as soon as he landed at the airport, returning from a vacation in Barbados with Rihanna.

The charge

The charge hanging over his head is of assault with a firearm, with a bail set at $ 550,000 according to court records. The LAPD claims, in fact, that on November 6, 2021, in Hollywood, Rocky would have shot an acquaintance after an argument. LAPD said A $ AP Rocky and two other men fled on foot after the shooting, leaving the victim on the ground, who sought medical attention for his injuries.

Definitely a bad time for the rapper, who announced that he is expecting his child in January. Rihanna would have repeatedly stressed that she is “thrilled to be a mom” and that she “she could not be happier”. “Having a baby is something she had never focused on, but being with Rocky opened up that possibility,” a source close to the pop star told People. “She loves all the changes in her body during pregnancy and has always paid tribute to her pregnant women in her Fenty fashion shows.”


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Sources: Io Donna, VanityFair

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