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Alexa Chung has the bib coat dominating the streets of New York City

The Briton has worn a coat that she pairs with party dresses and daytime jeans.

How many trends are created when a celebrity goes out for coffee? That's what dressing like your 'weekend self' is all about: dressing up just enough so the barista doesn't think we're in our pajamas. Alexa Chung, like Dakota Johnson, knows a lot about walks and coffees to go and in one of her outings in New York she has shown what it is and how to wear the bib coat that already dominates the streets of the city of skyscrapers.

Although it looks like him, it is not exactly the same model as the one we baptized as 'Shelby coat' for its similarities with the coat worn by the women of the Shelby family in the series Peaky Blinders. The difference lies in the fact that the necessary fur detail is only on the collar and not on the cuffs of the sleeves. Alexa Chung's coat is only furry in one part. Specifically, on the collar or on the lapels of the garment. It is so large the surface it occupies that it looks more like a stole or a bib collar.

The content creator has resorted to this coat on two occasions. The first time she was seen wearing it was at the Proenza Schouler fashion show. On that occasion, with much more spotlight and media attention, she paired it with a semi-transparent dress and Mary Jane ballerinas. The second time she returned to the aesthetic goodness of this coat was on a walk with her partner Tom Sturridge. There she wore the most 'Alexa' look ever: loafers, T-shirt with message, cardigan and sunglasses. 

In New York, this bib coat proposed by one of the best dressed girls in London and the world has already attracted attention. This model will only have a few months to stand out – fashion has already set its sights on spring – but who knows if it will be the most important coat in autumn.


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