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Alec Baldwin sues “Rust” film crew for negligence

Alec Baldwin sues

Alec Baldwin says his goal is to clear his name in the death of director of photography Halyna Hutchins.

Alec Baldwin, who was handling the loaded gun that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injured director Joel Souza on the set of the film Rust in New Mexico in October 2021, filed a cross-complaint in Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday, alleging negligence by a number of people involved in the production. The goal, according to his complaint, is to "clear his name.

According to the Associated Press, the actor is accusing some of the people named in a complaint filed by script supervisor Mamie Mitchell, and, if successful, he will receive a share of any damages Mitchell may win. In addition, he is asking that they pay the damages awarded against him.

Mamie Mitchell, who stood behind Hutchins during the incident, has sued a number of people involved in the film, including Baldwin, who was a producer. "More than anyone else on that set, Baldwin was wrongly considered the author of this tragedy. Through these cross-claims, Alec Baldwin seeks to clear his name," his complaint states.

Filming to resume soon

Baldwin has long claimed that he did not pull the trigger on the gun, which should not have been loaded during shooting rehearsals, but an FBI investigation concluded that the gun in question could not fire unless the trigger was pulled. Baldwin's lawyer called the findings "misinterpreted" and said the gun was in "poor condition".

Last month, Baldwin and the producers of Rust reached a settlement with Hutchins' family over the tragic accident. Surprisingly, production on the film is expected to resume in January. Hutchins' widower, Matthew Hutchins, is now attached as executive producer.

While Baldwin has not appeared in any major new film or television projects since the making of Rust, he has not kept a low profile either. While his version of Match Game has been cancelled (although ABC said its decision was not determined by the Rust controversy), he has continued his podcasts (the limited series Art Fraud and the ongoing series Here's The Thing), and he has two Christmas films in the works. At the end of July, he interviewed Woody Allen via Instagram, ostensibly so that the 86-year-old author could promote his latest collection of humorous essays, but the interview mostly made headlines for its technical malfunctions and for Baldwin yelling at someone off-screen in bad Spanish. He was also seen this autumn at events at the Hamptons International Film Festival, where he has Chairman Emeritus status.

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