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Singer Adele has told her fans that she wants to go back to college (or rather, online) and, why not, try her hand at acting. 

Almost a year ago, Adele made her comeback to music with the release of her latest album, 30, six years after the previous one. Her fans are now warned: better savor this short-lived comeback. The singer is about to start a series of concerts, in residence in Las Vegas, next month and until March 2023. After this marathon, she intends, once again, to put her career on hold. This time to resume her studies. 

During a question-and-answer session with fans organized for the release of her latest video, I Drink Wine, Adele said she would have become "a professor of English literature" if she hadn't succeeded in becoming a singer, reports the Times. "After Vegas, I want to get a degree in English literature. […] That's my plan for 2025: to get that degree." Before releasing her first album, Adele trained at the Brit School of Performing Arts & Technology. She now regrets not having studied English literature, especially since her work as a lyricist is greatly influenced by British lyrics: "I really think I use my passion for English in what I do. I would have loved to go to college and have that experience, but this time I'll do it online with a tutor."

Soon to be an actress?

On November 21, the 34-year-old singer was particularly moved to reunite with an English teacher who has shaped her life. During the televised concert An Audience with Adele, she was asked to talk about this major figure in her schooling, explaining how Ms. McDonald had made her "eager to go to English class" and "introduced her to literature" through her commitment to her students. The surprise reunion moved the singer to tears.

During the discussion with her fans, Adele also mentioned another project: the cinema. Not to sing the soundtrack of a movie as she did for the James Bond movie Skyfall but in front of the camera. She notably told about her contact with the multi-awarded director Baz Luhrmann, who recently directed Elvis. "I sent him a text message saying, 'I'd like to be in one of your movies, please don't retire, let me do something. I would only like to be in one movie. I'll come, I'll do the movie, I'll screw up and I'll never come back," she joked, clearly unconvinced by her acting skills. 


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